Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, dead 43-days before 61st birthday, May 26, 2022

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Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode died 322-days after his birthday, and 43-days before his upcoming birthday, infamous numbers. In this case the 43 also connects with the band.
Depeche Mode = 43
Killing = 43
RIP = 43
-Yale =43
-Yale, Skull and Bones, 322
-Jesus Christ = 43 / 146 (Dead on 146th day of the year)
–Society of Jesus = 56
–Depeche Mode = 56

Andrew John Leonard Fletcher = 129 (201 in base 8 counting)

In light of the Skull and Bones connection, recall George H.W. Bush was in office when they recorded Enjoy the Silence on the top of the World Trade Center, and George W. Bush was in office 11-years later when they came crumbling down. Of course, both men were members of Skull and Bones.

Enjoy the Silence = 74 / 70 (WTCs on the 74th Meridian West) *Andrew Fletcher = 74 / 70

Depeche Mode = 83
Germany = 83
Murder = 83


  1. 357986 on May 28, 2022 at 4:55 am

    Video news! ‘Depeche’ means hurry in French, so when I saw Andrew Fletcher disappeared in his prime, I thought it wise to report I’m aware we’re approaching ‘hurry up mode’ to produce the next video. I’m presently working on lots of slides to illustrate each synchronicity. Here’s the post from 3 weeks ago when I appreciated that it’s ok to pace myself, since I had guests at the time.

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