Andrew Tate released from Romanian jail, March 31, 2023, on anniversary of The Matrix

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Notice, in my initial post on the December 29, 2022 arrest, ‘Order of Illuminati’ was the focus.

From December 29, the date of arrest, until today, March 31, 2023 is a total span of 93 days.
Order of Illuminati = 201 & 93 (1229, 201st prime)
-129 is 201 in base-8 counting
-absolute clarity of thought = 129
-Andrew and Tristan Tate = 129

South Park = 129 / 39
Andrew Tate = 39

Again, Andrew Tate’s father was in the CIA.
Central Intelligence Agency United States of America = 201
-The Work of a Nation.
 The Center of Intelligence = 201
CIA established Sep. 18, 1947, the 201st day of the Pope’s age

One of the women arrested with the Tate brothers was Luana Radu.
Luana Radu = 93 / 150
Tristan Tate = 150
Illuminati = 150

Adding to the theme, today is 120 days after Andrew Tate’s 36th birthday.
Illuminati = 120
Spring Break = 120 (New South Park episode)

Also noteworthy, Andrew Tate is known for referencing ‘The Matrix.’ And now he has been released on the 24-year anniversary of the film’s debut.

Notice the article below about Andrew Tate and ‘The Matrix’ was published on January 18, or 1/18, while he was jailed in ‘Romania.’

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