Andy Ngo’s handlers are Antifa’s handlers | #Gematria reveals the truth of state sponsored media actor & propagandist

Federal Government News Psychological Operation

Remember, Andy Ngo’s book got mainstream attention on January 11 because of the Antifa protest at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, supposedly Andy Ngo’s home city, despite his British accent.

And recall, on January 16, 2021 I went to Antifa and Powell’s books to educate about the ritual that was taking place and how they were using Antifa’s protest to launch his book to a bestseller. Then while we were doing that, and passing out free copies of Number Games, the Antifa crowd started yelling that we called someone a *igger, which was completely false, and a fight broke out, which Andy Ngo immediately had the footage of and uploaded to his channel, claiming the fight was over his book, which it 100% was not. Keep in mind, moments before the false accusation the BLM protester had changed into his boxing gloves and a mauler had just shown up on the scene.

To see how much more of a fraud this man is, notice the coincidences with his history with Antifa.

Video of Antifa’s beating of Andy Ngo, June 29, 2019.

6/29/19 = 6+29+19 = 54 (His clip of the Jan. 16 fight is 54 seconds)

And whoever was filming was sure to cut out the 20 seconds before this where I was trying to talk down the two mentally ill BLM protesters (and yes, they are mentally ill).

For more comedy, listen to Andy Ngo lie about his “mob beating” on Joe Rogan. You can tell even Joe isn’t falling for this British flamer’s act, and that is saying a lot, because Joe is a huge fraud himself.

And for another joke, this guy is from Portland but has a British accent, but Wikipedia can’t even locate what year he was born in…

They even gave this guy some makeup for his appearances on Fox and CNN after the “June 29th beating.”

If you watch the video, you’ll notice he is never hit in the face, so there is no reason to have a black eye.

That same day, July 2, 2019, Andy Ngo also did an interview with CNN.

The favorite numbers of the Jesuit Order are 54 and 72.

The Jesuits thing is “divide and conquer.”


  1. S W ALCHIN on January 26, 2021 at 2:36 pm

    Andy referred as a political refugee = 88 for his book Unmasked = 88 on Sky Australia at 2.01 min:

    Unmasked covering the inner workings of Antifa = 201

    Unmasked = 25 released 2/2/21 = 25 and 2mth 5 days or 64 days to next birthday 06/04/21 , 6/4 like 64

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