Anne, the only child to accompany Queen Elizabeth through every leg of her funeral ceremony, September 19, 2022

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What a day for a Queen’s funeral, the 262nd day of the year…

This funeral comes September 19, 2022, 11 days after her September 8 death, and 56 days before Charles November 14 birthday.
*Royal Family = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Jesus = 11

Read about Matthew 1:1 through Matthew 1:11 and the number 56 here.

And don’t forget that Queen Elizabeth’s father, the King, died at age 56.

Keep in mind today is 19/9 as it is written in the U.K., and 199 is the 46th prime.
Catholic = 46
Sacrifice = 46

Also, today has 70 date numerology, and 56 is 70 in base-8 counting.
9/19/2022 = 9+19+20+22 = 70

And as for Anne, she has the same birthday as the Jesuit Order. Today is also 35 days after her birthday, further connecting the ‘Catholic’ ritual.
Catholic = 35 / 46

Notice that she is 72. *Jesuit Order = 72

ALSO, her mother died on September 9, or 9/8, the 251st day of the year.
Anne, Princess Royal = 251 / 98

And don’t forget September 19 leaves 103 days in the year.
*Jesuits = 103
103, 27th prime
Ritual = 27

Also, today is the 277th day of Pope Francis’s being 85 years old.
277, 59th prime
Pope Francis = 59

And it is 311 days after Arturo Sosa’s birthday.
201 is 311 in base-8 counting
311, 64th prime
Royal = 64

And get this detail about Paris, where Princess Diana died…

Recall, Diana was buried on September 6, or 9/6, and her death was synced with the Queen, who is now dead at age 96. Plus, we just saw Mary Elizabeth Truss take office on 9/6 this year, two days before the Queen’s death on the Virgin Mary’s birthday, September 8, when both women have Mary in their name, Queen Elizabeth, and Liz Truss.

And here are some more important observations.

Aberdeenshire, Scotland = 201 (and dead 201 days after Covid-19 diagnosis)

A 322…

The Pope, 56 and 11…

She died 265 days after Pope Francis’s birthday, or on his 266th day of his age.

Funeral on the 19th, Quran Code, 19… Mary (Maryaam)…


  1. Joshua Krantz on September 19, 2022 at 7:59 pm

    From Easter April 17th 2022 to the Queens death September 8th 2022 is a span of 144 days. From the anniversary death date of Queen Elizabeth The Mother April 9th 2022 to the death of Queen Elizabeth II September 8th 2022 is a span of 153 including the end day. From December 17th 2022 Pope Francis’ birthday to Queen Elizabeth’s death 9/8/2022 is a span of 266 days. From Arturo Sosa’s 73rd birthday 11/12/2021 to the burial date of Queen Elizabeth II 9/19/2022 is a span of 311 days. From Anthony Fauci’s 81st birthday 12/24/2021 to Elizabeth II death is a span of 258 days, and from his 81st birthday to the burial date of the Queen, is a span of 269 days including the end date, 269 the 57th prime. BIG RITUALS are abound.
    Also someone in the chat asked about a Roy Hackett who was a civil rights activist in the UK and to do a decode on it. So I looked into this Hackett fellow. Lurel Roy Hackett Most Excellent Order of the British Empire = 626
    Roy Hackett a civil rights activist of the United Kingdom who was one of the primary organizers of the Bristol Bus Boycott. Bristol Bus Boycott = 237, 66, 222, 105 Base Ciphers and also like the Build Back Better with the triple “B’s” which in itself is another 222, Order Out of Chaos number. His birthday was September 19th 1928, like Queen Elizabeth’s being burial date, and of whom lived to 93 years old which was on the date of August 3rd 2022
    Buckingham Fountain = 189, 81, 297, 99

  2. Joshua Krantz on September 19, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    Also I just measured my birthday 23/1/2001 to the day September 11th 2001. It is 231 days, like 231 Gates Kabbalah and the 21st Triangular number. I knew I was here for a greater purpose ever since I was very young. Being six years younger than you Zach, being 18 at the time of the attack.

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