Anthony Fauci the Jesuit & Robert Rayford, possibly the first documented case of HIV in 1968

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You don’t think NPR is part of the cabal?  *NPR = 33 *Masonry = 33

Notice the 266 encoded in the emphasized ‘changed medicine in America forever’.

Read about the Jesuits and 266 here:

Don’t forget that Fauci became the head of the NIAID in 1984, emphasis on ’84.

The man who is believed to be the first documented case of HIV / AIDS, Robert Rayford, has the 84 connection, as well as 78.

His name also connected to HIV / AIDS.

33 / 39.


*Rayford = 102 (He died on his 102nd day of his age)

His story originates from Missouri.

And 42 connects back to ‘Jesuit’.

City Hospital in 1968?  Notice the location sums to 68.

Fauci began work for the NIH in 1968…

Notice, Robert Rayford was 15, in 1968, the infamous year.

As for his story happening in St. Louis, the city has gematria of 47 and 74.

Rayford’s May 15, or 15/5 death stands out, because we’re now dealing with a new virus, one promised by Anthony Fauci, coronavirus, which sums to 155, much like the date 15/5.  Of course, coronavirus was coined in 1968.  Bringing HIV / AIDS and coronavirus closer together, it has been reported that coronavirus has been found in Semen.

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