Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, named as suspect in Nashville, Tennessee Christmas Day bombing

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63? After the 6:30 explosion? Of course, 63 connects to ‘terrorism’.

As for the name Anthony Quinn Warner, it reminds that AT&T owns Time Warner, and the explosion was in front of the AT&T building…

Don’t forget the Jesuit Order’s logo is the sun.

And for the record, from the release of the Birds of Prey film, about Harley Quinn, to the attack on Christmas was 322 days later, the number of Skull and Bones.

$201 million at the box office, eh?

And don’t forget Wonder Woman’s birthday is March 22, or 3/22:

And don’t forget about Batman’s link to 322 & Skull and Bones:

And if you missed my work on the Christmas Day Nashville, TN bombing, read more here:

As you’ll see we connected the dots between 9/11/2001 and 12/25/2020.

In the prior post you’ll notice the 166 address mention in the mainstream reporting and the 77 date numerology.

Another related post worth reading is how Alvin Kamara became part of the ritual:


  1. Ballygobackwards on December 26, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    Anthony Quinn the actor died on 6/3/2001.

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