April 18, 2020 | Trump says he took ‘strong action’ against coronavirus, CDC lab’s contamination problem, 56-year-old cab driver & people becoming reinfected

Coronavirus Government News

Notice the emphasis on ‘strong action’, and how it sums to 56, 70 and 155 like ‘coronavirus’.

On Twitter, post #Gematria56 or #Gematria70, or #Gematria142, or #Gematria155, etc., to share your favorite coronavirus propaganda by the numbers.

The title ‘The Lost Month’, summing to 155 and 56 is no accident either.

Notice how ‘Freemasons’ overlaps.



The date the problem came up was February 22, or 2/22, like 222…

Today is 38-days after the ‘pandemic’ was declared, and now we have blame on the ‘CDC lab’.

Notice, the recontamination story on the front page goes with the number 163, the 38th prime.


Take a guess how old the cab driver was…


You guessed it, 56.

As for him having connections to Harvard, recall that university just told us we’ll be living with coronavirus until 2022, the Year of the Tiger (something we said before Harvard).

Remember, New York went into lockdown March 22, the 82nd day of 2020, something else we called before it happened.

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