April 30, 1993, the day the internet launched

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The internet launched April 30, 1993, the 120th day of the year.
Illuminati = 120
Order of Illuminati = 93 & 105
Internet = 105
Computer = 105

Keep in mind 120 is the 15th triangular number.
WWW = 15
Web = 15

It launched the day before the Illuminati’s 217th birthday, May 1, 1993.

That means it was their last day of being 216 years old.
6x6x6 = 216
Internet = 666
Computer = 666


  1. TruthUK on May 31, 2023 at 12:05 pm

    Information Technology = 258
    Order Of Illuminati = 258
    Number Of The Beast = 258

  2. Truther on May 31, 2023 at 12:32 pm

    “Support has gone way down”
    “I need resources to travel”
    “If everybody would pledge a dollar”

    Dude. In your (lying) world, you’re calling every major sports future.
    You even had the Nuggets back in April (in your world). You had the Eagles-Chiefs matchup before the season began (in your world). You called the 47:1 race at the Kentucky derby right (in your world).

    How come you’re always asking for a dollar like a little bitch. How come you don’t have enough resources if you have been calling all those alleged futures correctly? I know you’re claiming that you bet, yet you can’t show one single bet slip.

    You wanna know why you can’t show us one bet slip? Because you don’t bet, because you CAN’T call anything correctly. The only money you make is because of your patreon fraud, you lying piece of shit.

    Upload one single bet slip of yours and I will stop writing comments. Come on “sorry ass mf”

    • TruthUK on May 31, 2023 at 12:39 pm

      He had the Bills because of the Tops Shooting and the Queen’s Death…I remember him saying the Bengals the previous superbowl because of Billy Cannon…

      He’s a fraud

      • Truther on May 31, 2023 at 1:41 pm

        Exactly, he was so heavy on the Bills and when they lost he never mentioned them again. Horrible!

        What was funny about the NFL playoffs from 2022 was the fact that he never had the Bengals until they were in the Superbowl, and then they lost lol.
        He was all over the Titans “in a huge 54 ritual” against the Bengals. What a douche man for real.

    • Gunnar Grossdeutschland on May 31, 2023 at 2:09 pm

      Gematria Effect has contributed more to unmasking the Jesuit Jihadists and their Complicit Conspirators than ALL of its critics COMBINED. Did it ever occur to you Immensely Intelligent critics that since Gematria Effect has been SO EFFECTIVE, instead of attacking him personally, they have been setting him up for failure? Is it POOSIBLE? Is it POSSIBLE you all have taken the set-up hook, line and sinker? Billy Cannon was spot-on. It made ABSOLUTE sense as the pattern was developing. It is not just numbers, it is also patterns which are not as easy to spot and can be changed dramatically by the puppet-masters. You mean to tell me the conspirators were setting up Matthew Stafford? Where is Mathew Stafford now? Was he ever proclaimed the next Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Joe Burrows was. Why did Mathew Stafford have to leave Detroit to win a Super Bowl if he was such a ‘championship caliber’ quarterback? You critics can have your fun at Gematria Effect’s expense, no problem. As for me, and my ilk, we tip our hat in appreciation for ALL his legitimate contributions.

      Thank You, Gematria Effect!
      ROCK ON!

      • Truther on May 31, 2023 at 2:47 pm

        Grossdeutschland, wie lange bist du denn schon dabei? Ich könnte dir hier ein Buch schreiben über Zach’s Verhalten, aber dies würde den Rahmen sprengen. Ja, er hat geholfen, aber was ist mit Derek? Ohne Derek wären wir nirgends, trotzdem hat Zach die Respektlosigkeit, über Derek schlecht zu reden, bei jeder einzigen Gelegenheit. Zach wollte seine besten Decoder nicht im Team haben, hat deren Informationen stets ignoriert, weil es für ihn ein Business ist. In dieser “Gematria Community” gibt es Decoder, die Tode voraussagen und Futures tatsächlich richtig voraussagen, ohne einen Cent zu verlangen. Meine Partnerin und ich hatten die NBA Finals bei einer Quote von 251:1, weil wir das Ritual sehen, was dahinter ist. Zach geht es nicht darum, er ist nur am Geld interessiert. Personen, die in die Tiefe gehen, sind bei ihm nicht erwünscht, denn sie wären eine Gefahr für sein Business.

        Was macht Zach denn heute? Das Einzige was er noch macht ist Finds zu sammeln, selber zu decoden, nein das macht er nicht. Er schreibt Statistiken für beide Teams auf, nur um nach dem Spiel zu behaupten, das richtige Team gehabt zu haben. Er täuscht, mit Arglist. In meinem Land wäre so etwas strafbar. Er ist ein pathologischer Lügner. Gestern hat er meinen Kommentar mit meiner JFK-Connection gelöscht, ich habe ihn darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass die Heat 19-17 sind gegen die Celtics, was dem Geburtsjahr von JFK entspricht. Er hat meinen Kommentar gelöscht, nur um umgehend einen Live stream zu machen und diese Information zu erwähnen. Dieser Typ ist einfach scheisse.

        Ich habe ein Buch geschrieben, dass präzise vom nächsten grossen Ritual berichtet, er hat meine Information stets ignoriert. Als ich ihn am Telefon hatte und ihm sagte, dass es für ihn immer um competition geht, hat er mich unterbrochen und wollte auflegen. Den livestream hat er natürlich gelöscht.

        • Gunnar Grossdeutschland on June 2, 2023 at 2:34 pm

          Greetings Truther,

          Appreciate you taking the time to clarify your position and would request the opportunity to reciprocate. I must admit, I am a casual observer of Gematria Effect. I excelled in science and mathematics at school and have been on a quest in pursuit of Truth. When I came across Gematria Effect, I was blown away. Zach is an excellent teacher and after learning the basic ciphers along with the numbers to be alert to, it made ABSOLUTE sense to how the World of Man operates. I assumed Zach was the only person to step out and reveal this information to anyone interested while teaching the Gematria behind his presentations. For this, I will be eternally grateful to Zach. As for Gematria Effect, I like that Zach makes brief, concise posts. I used to tune in to his ‘Live Streams’ but I have better things to do with the one to three hours consumed by his presentations. I appreciate Gematria and understand its power; however, I have other interests to be a ‘Hard Core’ decoder. Being on a fixed income, nor interested in gambling (being an individualist, I DESPISE team sports), I do my best to support his work by referring others to his work or occasionally contributing a comment if I think I may have come across something of value.

          I am not sure where you receive your information to make such critical judgements of Zach nor am I in a position to question your determinations. As far as I know, Zach does not force anyone to do anything. To my knowledge, all his transactions are voluntary. If someone is subscribing to his paid accounts and are satisfied with what they are receiving and continue to subscribe, that is the beauty of Capitalism. Agree or disagree, Zach is known as an entrepreneur in such a system and I would have no desire to reside in a country where he would be arrested. Such a country screams totalitarian. How much Zach generates through his channels and what he does with the proceeds is none of my business. That’s just me.

          Oh, as far as my moniker, in a previous incarnation, I was a Machine Gunner (hence Gunnar) in the The Panzergrenadier Division “Großdeutschland” (hence Grossdeutschland) in the German Army during World War II until I was ordered to surrender my weapons and then taken into custody by the Red Army at the conclusion of hostilities. At which point, I was to eventually perish in a Soviet Gulag. After experiencing Fascism first hand while observing Communism from without during my Wehrmacht Tour attached to The Panzergrenadier Division “Großdeutschland” and from within during my Soviet Gulag Tour, I have had my fill of Fascism and Communism. Manifested in modern America as the Republican and Democrat political parties. I would prefer Anarcho-Capitalism, where the INDIVIDUAL is given maximum opportunity to choose for themselves while simultaneously reaping/suffering the consequences of their decisions. That’s just me.

          Finally, I don’t speak a lick of German in this incarnation. Google has a ‘Translate’ button from German to English. Isn’t technology AMAZING!?!

          Best Wishes!

      • Truther on May 31, 2023 at 2:49 pm

        Ah und noch was, auf der Webpage meiner Partnerin und mir hatten wir die Bengals im Superbowl 2022 ganze 8 Monate vorher!! Denkst du, er will dass seine Follower davon erfahren? Nie im Leben.

      • TruthUK on June 1, 2023 at 2:42 am

        Lol if you say so

        • Truther on June 1, 2023 at 7:43 am

          Lol his name is Great German that’s why I responded in German

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