Arizona Cardinals improve to 6-3 vs. Buffalo Bills on Hail Mary, November 15, 2020 | The Catholic Joke

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Cardinals = 63 *Buffalo = 63 *Cardinals improved to 6-3

The CARDINALS won on a HAIL MARY on the day leaving 46 days left in the year, and THANK GOD they did because I told my people the Cardinals beating the Bills was one of my FAVORITE games of the week. Of course, ‘Cardinals’ and ‘Hail Marys’ have a lot to do with the Catholics.

And then’s there the 42 piece.

Remember, Kyler Murray was 42-0 in high school.

*This game was on his 101st day of his age, in the 101st NFL season.

As for DeAndre Hopkins, here is how he fits in.

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