“Armed protesters” attempt to storm Oregon Capitol building December 21, 2020 | 2016 Oregon Standoff Déjà vu

Government News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

12/21/2020 = 12+21+20+20 = 73 *State Capitol = 73

No doubt this was organized by the opposition. The purpose is to use “events like this” as a thing to broadcast in their nightly propaganda as means of using it as reasoning to take away more rights and liberties. “Oh my goodness! Look at those crazy armed conspiracy theorists! Take away their guns now!!!!!!”

And don’t forget that we called the Oregon Standoff to end after 41 days, on the day it began, which is exactly what happened. The news of the that 2016 story broke moments after Oregon lost in the “Alamo Bowl” (the Alamo was 13 day standoff in history… and 41 is the 13th prime). And Oregon lost with 41 points, plus the standoff in Oregon directly after was blamed on ‘ranchers’ led by ‘Ammon Bundy’.


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