Artemis I mission takes flight in historic leap forward for NASA’s moon program, November 16, 2022, at 1:47 AM

Freemasonry News Outer Space

The launch was at 1:47 AM? Of course I wrote a chapter in Letters & Numbers about NASA by the numbers where I point out the meaning of 147 in the ongoing space program.
Spaceship = 147
Outer Space = 147
Conspiracy = 147
Freemason = 147

And don’t even get me started on 322.

Also, recall, this launched was supposed to happen on Michael Jackson’s birthday and end on the day than when counted through the end of the year totaled 83 days.
Michael Jackson = 83
November Sixteenth = 83

This launch also comes on a date with numerology of 69.
11/16/2022 = 11+16+20+22 = 69
Lunar = 69

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