As my Super Bowl 55 predictions land…

Big Tech

This is what YouTube does after I go 13-0 in the playoffs, and my Super Bowl prediction from before the season lands, Bucs over Chiefs. And actually, I went 15-0 because tonight I had the under, Bucs and Brady for the MVP, so three for three, on the back of 12-0 in prior games.

The video they got me for is where I go heavy on 19 year cycles, and Brady just won his 7th Super Bowl, 19 years after his last, where he beat teams from Missouri in both.

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  1. k1 on February 8, 2021 at 5:27 am

    feb 7 strike?
    LOL 7/2 2/7…
    Jesuit Order / Ritual

    38th day of the year..
    Gematria /Killing . etc

    proof youtube is striking by the number..

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