As predicted, Argentina wins rigged World Cup, December 18, 2022


As predicted, Argentina wins the World Cup over France, one day after Pope Francis’s 86th birthday, the Argentinian Pope, and the first Jesuit Pope. Of course, the Jesuits are from France. And of course Argentina won in ’86. And Pope Francis became Pope 86 days after his birthday. And the last French Pope died on the 86th day of the year. And so on.
Jesuits = 86

Hopefully Messi enjoy staying in Hotel Suite B-201.

We’re enjoying our cheddar!

Another nice touch, was Argentina scored their 151st World Cup goal in the 36th minute of the game.
151, 36th prime

Of course Argentina entered the tournament with 36 straight wins. And the Pope was born in ’36. And this game was played on a 36 date numerology.
12/18/2022 = 12+18+(2+0+2+2) = 36


  1. wrb on December 19, 2022 at 5:13 am

    …the opening game was played exactly 88 mercurial years after 11.9.2001
    The orbital period of Mercury is 88 days!

    The World Cup final will be Argentina’s 88th World Cup game and their 53rd win …vesica piscis = 53(FR)

    Queen ‘Elizabeth’ II = 88(EO), was pronounced dead on 8.9.2022, 101 days later Argentina will win the World Cup. 101 is the 26th prime number …Queen = 62(EO) 26(FR) Crown = 62(RO) 26(RFR) Royal = 26(FR)

    From the opening game on 20.11.2022 to the final game on 18.12.2022 is a period of 28 days …crown = 28(FR)

    The opening game was played 73 days after the death of the Queen on a day with
    20+11+20+22 = 73 numerology …Queen = 73(RO) Crown = 73(EO)
    Argentina will go 7-3-3 in their 13th World Cup matchup with France.

    This is the 22nd World Cup, played in 2022, where France will fall to 2-2 in
    World Cups against Argentina who will win to go 3-3 in World Cup finals.

    Argentina and Messi will win the World Cup the day after the Pope’s 86th birthday.
    Jesuits = 86(RO) Mercury = 86(RO)
    Pope Francis is the 266th pope and the first Jesuit pope …Lionel Andres Messi = 266(RO)
    The pope will be a perfect palindrome span of 31413 days old on 18.12.2022 …Argentina = 413(EE)
    Messi will be 439 synodic months old for the final …the 85th prime …The Pope = 85(EO)

    Argentina and Messi will go 6-1 on the tournament
    The 61st prime is 283 …Argentina = 283(J)

  2. GEMATRIACANTSAVE on December 19, 2022 at 8:49 am


    Symbolic for the beast MBS who will soon rule the world 42 months after his covenant confirmation with Israel.

  3. Sean on December 19, 2022 at 2:53 pm

    Evita = Qatar in 4 base ciphers
    She died at the age of 33. T
    The musical was a hit on Broadway after the previous hit Jesus Christ Superstar.
    “Oh What a Circus” uses the Catholic hymn Salve Regina.

    • Sean on December 19, 2022 at 2:57 pm

      Oh, and the final was 9500 days after the premiere of Evita, the film version with Ma(ra)donna

  4. GregRamsey74 on December 19, 2022 at 3:47 pm

    Argentina won the World Cup 177-days after Messi’s birthday.
    “The Jesuit Order” = 177(English Ordinal)
    “New World Order” = 177(Reverse Ordinal)

    “ARGENTINA WINS WORLD CUP” = 266(English Ordinal)
    “Iesus Hominum Salvator” = 266(Reverse Ordinal)
    -Francis, the 266th Pope

    Messi’s salary is 41-million for yet another 41 in this rigged World Cup.
    “World Cup” = 41(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Messi’s 35th birthday fell on a date with 36 numerology as well.
    6/24/2022 = 6+24+2+0+2+2 = 36

    “Twenty Twenty Two World Cup” = 105(Full Reduction)
    “Twenty Twenty Two World Cup” = 111(Reverse Full Reduction)

    “Jorge Mario Bergoglio” = 105(Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Jorge Mario Bergoglio” = 111(Full Reduction)

    Argentina won on the 83rd day of the Jesuits birthday.
    “Football” = 83(English Ordinal)

    They also won 56-days after Ignatius of Loyola’s birthday.
    “Society of Jesus” = 56(Full Reduction)

    They won a span of 20-weeks and 1 day from Ignatius of Loyola’s death anniversary.
    “Ignatius of Loyola” = 201(English Ordinal)
    “The Jesuit Order” = 201(Reverse Ordinal)

    “Ignatius of Loyola” = 87(Reverse Full Reduction)
    -Messi born in ’87

  5. TruthUK on December 21, 2022 at 3:32 am

    I said this last year, it’s just that people follow you like you’re some sort of god

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