Ashley Cain’s baby daughter, Azaylia, dies after leukemia battle (8/10/2020 – 4/24/2021)

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Azaylia = 42, Saturn = 42 (The child died on a Saturday, named after Saturn)

The child died April 24, 2021, the 114th day of the year.

The child’s name is Azaylia, equating to 114.

And notice how Ashley Cain equates to 56, part of a familiar pattern.

And would you believe Ashley Cain’s birthday is September 27, the big day for the Jesuits in history?

Society of Jesus = 56

#Coventry is where the vaccine began for the world…

And notice his daughter died exactly 30 weeks into his age, 30.

Notice how the girl’s name equates to 30, Azaylia.

Bible = 2+9+2+12+5 = 30

And sadly, she died 257 days after her birthday, connecting to ‘blood sacrifice’.

Total Solar Eclipse = 257 (There is one one June 10, 2021, 108 days after Daft Punk 2/22/21 video)

We just talked about Scottie Pippen’s son dying on the day leaving 257 days in the year, while Pippen is 55.

257, 55th prime *Satan = 55

Fitting in, they’re saying she died from AML, equating to 55.

And notice her birthday is August 10, or 10/8, like 108, going with her full name, Azaylia Diamond Cain.

And she died on a date with 49 numerology, connecting to leukemia.

4/24/21 = 4+24+21 = 49
*Revelation = 49

The article mentions she was ‘eight’ months old.

AML = 19 (8th prime number)
Blood Sacrifice = 67 (19th prime) *AML = 19
Blood Sacrifice = 257 (55th prime) *AML = 55

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