Ashli Babbitt’s divisive memory becomes CNN’s top story 163 days after her death, June 18, 2021

Federal Government Jesuit Military News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

Notice the ‘Ashli Babbitt’ story is focused on the divided nation, which is the goal of the controllers. “United we stand, divided we fall.” As for Ashli Babbitt, let us not forget that her killing was a psychological operation and a complete hoax, proven with video taken at the scene. The other thing that makes it obvious is the spelling of her name.
Ashli Babbitt = 42 / 84
Jesuit = 42 / 84

Notice this news comes 163 days (38th prime) after the supposed death.
-D.C. on the 38th Parallel North
-163, 38th prime
-Death = 38
-Election = 38

Of course the “insurrection” was over the “stolen election.”

This news also comes on a date with 45 numerology, and she was there for #45.
6/18/21 = 6+18+21 = 45

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