At least six people injured in Springfield, Ohio “mass shooting” of Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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This shooting reportedly happened Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the 153rd day of the year, the 17th triangular number. Of course Ohio is the 17th state. Also, notice the emphasis by Fox on ‘celebration of life’.
-Celebration of Life = 157 (37th prime) *Shooting = 37 *Wednesday = 37

And again, it is practically a weekly story that we get a mass shooting on ‘Wednesday’.
-Wednesday = 37 / 44 *Shooting = 37 / 44

As for the location of ‘Springfield’, it ties in with another familiar pattern.
-Springfield = 119
-Fraternal Order of Police = 119

—Springfield, Ohio = 77
—Police Officer = 77
—Police Department = 77

And don’t overlook that it happened on the 1900 block.
-Chaos = 19

As you know, the agenda is “order out of chaos.”

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