Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, mainstream news on Donald Trump’s 74th birthday

Government News Police State Racism

This news, from the 33rd Parallel North, out of Atlanta, comes on Donald Trump’s 74th birthday, and the U.S. Flag’s birthday. It turned 243 years old today.

Notice the emphasis on ‘we’ve been putting Band-Aids on gaping wounds’.

Atlanta’s on the 84th Meridian West, and 33rd Parallel North.

Again, the Jesuits are running the show.

This news comes 148 days after her birthday. *Mayor Bottoms = 148

Fraternal = 148

Keisha Lance Bottoms, an interesting name for a black woman, a group known for having nice bottoms, has a January 18 birthday, or 18/1, like 181, the 42nd prime… *Jesuit = 42

When the opposition controls the agenda, they can do the right thing, to purposefully make it look bad, so it is no longer considered a “legitimate option” in the mainstream.

The chessboard is set.

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  1. laila81 on June 15, 2020 at 4:11 am

    Bottom/Lightfoot/Breed seriously! Bottom is at the bottom of the map GA. Lightfoot is on old Indian grounds in the Midwest . Breed which is in California is where they “Breed” actors who carry out the rituals. Anonymous who is wearing the mask from the movie Vendetta takes place in London. Let alone in the “Bottom” of GA where rapper Meek Mill now has a holiday , and he’s from Philadelphia PA. We all know what famous church that is. In Philadelphia you will find the liberty Bell that has a crack well as one of the infamous Masonic Temples.

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