Atlanta police officer shoots a man dead at a Wendy’s drive-thru, June 12, 2020

Police State Racism

This happened late Friday, June 12, or 6/12.

This is CNN’s top story for Saturday, June 13. Keep in mind today leaves 201 days left in the year, and the TV show containment concluded on the 201st day of 2016, July 19. It is about the CDC experimenting with a virus in Atlanta that is unleashed on the populace, leading to quarantine, protesting and rioting. Sound familiar? Make sure you know what Event 201 is. Search this site with keyword ‘201’. There’s A LOT to know.

27, at Wendy’s? More racism?

Read more here here:

10:33 PM? 33? *Minnesota = 133 *Authority = 133

The name of the victim, Rayshard Brooks, sums to 66, 87 and 174, the same as ‘number of the beast’, and that is what the cabal is invoking with these stories, the beast.

The detail about the 48th investigation is funny as well.

*Atlanta = 48 *Freemason = 48

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