Austin police find Jake Ehlinger dead, brother of Sam Ehlinger, four days after being drafted into NFL by Indianapolis Colts, May 6, 2021

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Sam Ehlinger was just drafted to the Indianapolis Colts, this past Saturday, in the 6th round, and now his brother is dead five days later, per the headlines, May 6, 2021.

And recall, Indianapolis is 201 town.

Sam Ehlinger also fits in Indianapolis. *Sam Ehlinger = 60 *Indianapolis = 60

And remember, the Jesuits serve the Holy Roman Empire, that supposedly died on the 218th day of the year, like how Sam Ehlinger is the 218th pick of the draft, and this news comes 218 days after his birthday.

12:18 police call

Read more about the Holy Roman Empire folding on August 6, 1806, the 218th day of the year.

Holy Roman Empire = 187
Society of Jesus = 187 / 56 (Today is 5/6)

And notice how ‘Texas Longhorns’ fits in.

May 6 can be written 5/6, or 6/5

And notice how ‘Ehlinger’ equates to 78, the same as ‘Jesuit’.

Keep in mind this happened in ‘Austin’, Jesuit town.

For another Jesuit connection, Jake died 144 days after his December 13, 2020 20th birthday. *Death = 20

The death is also 147 days before his upcoming birthday, similar to how the NFL season lasts 147 days, first Sunday to Super Bowl Sunday.

Freemason = 147, Conspiracy = 147

West 22nd Street, and the 22 year old Ehlinger. There are 22 men on the football field.

1200 block? 120 yard field? #12 success in NFL?

Jesuit Order = 54 (5:40)
Society of Jesus = 56

For one last point, in his last year at Texas, he had 322 attempts, the Skull and Bones number, and Skull and Bones is related to the Knights Templar.

Knights Templar = 65 (May 6, or 6/5, or 5/6)
-Jesuits have the Templar cross in their logo

Think of Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit, dying on November 18, the 322nd day of the year, who founded the Order of Illuminati on May 1, 1776, similar to how Ehlinger was drafted on May 1, 2021.

Order of Illuminati = 201

And since he got drafted by Indianapolis, the Colts, who came from Baltimore, consider he was drafted the day of the ‘Run for the Roses’, or the Kentucky Derby, before the big race in Baltimore.

Run of the Roses = 201

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  1. numbersdontlie on May 7, 2021 at 9:38 am

    When Sam was drafted, the ‘NFL Network’ (= 48) accidentally put up a picture of Jake instead of Sam. Jake wore #48. Jake Ehlinger = 60. ‘Hook ’em Horns’ = 48 and 60. This news was also on the 60th day of Steve Sarkisian’s (born March 8) age. Sam Ehlinger = 163 in FB. 163 is the 38th prime number. As we know, ‘Jesuit’ and ‘Austin’ are perfect matches in each cipher. ‘Westlake HS’ = 201 in FB.

    Lengthy side note re: Sarkisian, etc.: Nick Saban was sidelined with the coronavirus, which made Steve Sarkisian the acting head coach against Auburn. That game was was on the 266th day of his age. Steve Sarkisian = 55. There were 55 total points (42-13) scored. Auburn University Tigers = 317, the 66th prime number. The first TD was a 66-yard catch by ‘DeVonta Smith’ (= 66), who’s from ‘Amite, Louisiana’ (= 201, FB). Gus Malzahn = 122. The game featured #1 vs. # 22. Malzahn’s Oct. 28 birthday was the 302nd day of 2020. Mac Jones passed for 302 yards. Tuscaloosa, Alabama = 302. Sarkisian went to ‘Brigham Young University’ (= 302). Prior to landing at Auburn, Malzahn coached at ‘Arkansas State’ (= 201, FB). What’s funny is he was replaced by Bryan Harsin at both Arkansas State and Auburn. Harsin coached the ‘Boise State Broncos’ (= 201).

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