Authorities reduce death toll to 97 in Maui, September 15, 2023

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This adjustment to 97 deaths came 38 days after the fires began on August 8.

Recall the deadly spread of the ‘fire’ was blamed on the ‘hurricane’ winds of Dora.

This also happened on the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. It goes with the Jewish Governor Josh Green, who was talking Green New Deal abroad when Hawaii burned up on his 247th day in office, while the United States of America is 247 years old.

He points out it is “day 38.”


  1. GregRamsey74 on September 16, 2023 at 4:41 pm

    This news also came on a date with 67 numerology.
    9/15/2023 = 9+15+20+23 = 67
    “Joshua Booth Green” = 67(Septenary)
    “Maui, Hawaii” = 67
    “Maui Wildfire” = 67
    “Arson” = 67

    This came 25-days after Hawaii’s state birthday.
    97, the 25th prime
    “Death Toll” = 97
    “Hawaii Gov., Josh Green” = 97

    This came a span of 9-months and 11-days from Josh Green taking office.

    This also came on a ‘Friday,’ 216-days after Josh Green’s 53rd birthday.
    “Friday” = 36
    “Directed Energy Weapon” = 216(First Moana film in 2016)
    216 = 6X6X6
    “Hawaii” = 666(36th triangular number)
    “Maui Fire” = 53

    This came on the 137th day of The Rock’s 51st birthday(137, the 33rd prime)
    “Hawaii” = 33(This also came a span of 33-weeks from The Rock’s upcoming birthday)
    “Fires” = 33
    “Reduced” = 33
    “Hawaii” = 51
    “Wildfires” = 51
    “Conspiracy” = 51

    This came 93-weeks before the Moana Live Action Remake, or 21-months and 12-days.
    “Saturn” = 93; “Propaganda” = 93
    “Saturn” = 21

    This came 81-months and 23-days after the first Moana film.
    “Ritual” = 81/81(9 is the square root)
    23, the 9th prime; “Island” = 23
    Maui Fires is 9-letters

    “Maui Fire Death Toll Reduced to 97” = 201(Chaldean)

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