B. Smith, lifestyle guru, dead at 70 after Alzheimer’s battle, February 22, 2020

Murder by Numbers Racism

Here’s another celebrity who met their demise on the 44 / 64 date, February 22, 2020.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64

2/22/20 = 2+22+20 = 44

Further, she is dead on the 53rd day of the year from ‘Alzheimer’s’.



She died 26-weeks after her birthday, which is interesting, because her special day is on Kobe Bryant Day, a man who died on the 26th of January, in the “very 26” ritual that was.  *Bryant = 26

The Boule is likely near. *Boule = 26

Her full name was fateful (121), as was ‘B. Smith’.

Remember, as we said at the start of the year, 2020 was going to be rough for celebrities, and 71, the 20th prime, would be a pattern.