BBC asks if Seattle could be first city to experience martial law in U.S. due to coronavirus, March 11, 2020 +March 22 (322) date

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Read more about March 11 WHO ritual here:

March 11, 2020, the date of this article, is the same day the WHO declared a ‘coronavirus pandemic’.

Notice below, the picture from the article focuses on Seattle, where the first U.S. case was found, and of course, on March 11, 2020, Tom Hanks of Sleepless in Seattle, was diagnosed with coronavirus.  Read more about that here:

What I did not cover about the Tom Hanks coronavirus joke, is that it came 113-days after Meg Ryan’s birthday, on 11/3, the co-star of Sleepless in Seattle.  Again, it goes to show the length of the planning for these SCRIPTED rituals we’re living out.

Notice, if you count the span, the ritual came 3-months and 22-days into her age.  Ahead, we’ll discuss the significance of the upcoming date March 22, the 82nd day of 2020.  The other thing that should standout is her 19/11 birthday, like 1911.  If you read my coronavirus post from February 25, 1911 was the focus.  Read more here if you missed that post:

Before we move on to March 22, don’t forget the leader of Canada, just north of Seattle, Justin Trudeau’s wife, was diagnosed with coronavirus 322-days after her birthday:

Aside from March 22, or 3/22, being the 322 date, it is also the 82nd day of 2020, because it is a leap year.  Recall Hanks sums to 82, like Seattle, and he was diagnosed with coronavirus 8-months and 2-days after his own birthday.

The name Bryant also sums to 82, and Kobe Bryant’s death and burial in ‘Corona del Mar’ has been a key part of this ongoing coronavirus outbreak ritual as well, as discussed in numerous posts, including this one: *and this one:

March 22 will be 56-days after Kobe Bryant’s death.

*8-weeks #8

It will also be the 62nd day of the ‘coronavirus outbreak’, which began January 21, 2020 in Seattle.  That is a number relevant to the city, because the World’s Fair took place in ’62 in Seattle, the year the Space Needle was established.  Keep in mind Seattle’s Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (121) is after the vaccine / cure for this problem, which means needles…

It was also known as the Century 21 Exposition…

You have to remember, these Skull and Bones, NWO types plan centuries in advance.  We’re living out their scripted agenda and that is no understatement.  Everyone should have learned that September 11, 2001, when the “New Pearl Harbor” happened, after it was written about in advance, by the “Project for the New American Century”.

Another important point is that it is 61-days after the first case in Seattle, Bill and Melinda Gates backyard.

This article, from the BBC, dated March 11, 2020, focuses on if martial law could come to the United States in the wake of ‘coronavirus’.  What do you the numbers reveal?


Regarding Seattle, March 22 is exactly 44-weeks after the Mayor’s birthday.

Martial Law means military takeover.

Notice how the name Jenny Durkan ties in as well.

*Government = 137 / 47

*March 22 will be 61-days after January 21 (or a span of 62)

*Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation = 283 (61st prime)

It should also be noted that it is 8-weeks and 2-days to her upcoming birthday, or 58-days. 

You know 58.

Recall Jade Helm, the biggest military drill in history on U.S. soil, simulating lockdown situations.  That took place not long ago, in 2015.

Moving on, March 22 is 42-days after Governor Jay Inslee’s birthday.  Keep in mind Washington State is the 42nd state in order of statehood.

Notice the 1-months and 13-days as well.  It is also a span of 43-days.  *Pandemic = 43

There’s a film that released in history called Quarantine, that fits the current narrative.  Notice the plot begins on the date of March 11, the same day that the WHO declared coronavirus to be a global pandemic.

The film runs 89-minutes, a key number in the film ‘Contagion’.  *Virus = 89 *Chaos = 89

Notice the word ‘quarantine’ sums to 48.  *Freemason = 48

The date March 22 can be written 22/3, like 223, the 48th prime number.

Further, the date of March 22, 2020, will have 65 date numerology.

3/22/2020 = 3+22+20+20 = 65

Don’t forget the film Pandemic, starring Bill Gates, Mr. Vaccine, released January 22, 2020.

1/22/20 = 1+22+20 = 43

From the release of the film, to March 22, is 60-days later.

Don’t forget the first death from the coronavirus, in the U.S., was in Seattle, February 29, the 60th day of the year:

Related, the State of Washington also asked those 60-years-old and above to self quarantine.  Read more here:

March 22 is also 20-weeks and 6-days after Bill Gates birthday.

It’s also his 147th day of his age.  *Freemason = 147 *Conspiracy = 147

The date is also 20-weeks and 6-days before Melinda Gates upcoming birthday.

And for the closer, from Event 201, October 18, 2019, which simulated the coronavirus outbreak, put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to March 22, is 156-days later (span of 157, 37th prime *Virus = 37). Read more about event 201 here: *and here: