BBC’s Trending topics are ALL related to conspiracy and Q’Anon, November 30, 2020

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Every single story on the BBC trending relates to conspiracy theories, and half are related to Q’Anon. Keep in mind, these buzzing topics are from November 30, 2020, as we close out the crazy year that was.

Of course, Q’Anon is a Trump backed conspiracy theory, and Trump is 74 years old right now.

74, it’s a potent number.

Think about the World Trade Centers getting crucified, on New Year’s Day, on the Christian Coptic Calendar, on the 74th Meridian West.

Keep in mind this is what is supposedly buzzing, per the BBC, on a date with 61 numerology, November 30, 2020.

11/30/20 = 11+30+20 = 61

Notice how Q’Anon sums to 61 and 74, similar to Jesus and Cross.

There is a clear connection with Q’Anon and Christians who are very fixated on the subject of child sex trafficking.

And notice, the ‘church’ and the ‘news’ rely on their audiences to believe in their authority and expertise, which is mostly getting people to believe in bullshit.

For one last point, let us not forget that modern Freemasonry was established by the Jesuits in the City of London, June 24, 1717, 59 years before the establishment of the United States of America in 1776.

Keep in mind the Bavarian Illuminati was established May 1, 1776, by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt. Of course, he renamed it to ‘Order of Illuminati’, and died 201 days after the anniversary of its establishment.

Pope Francis, or Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican. Read more here:

Read about the CIA and 201:

Read about Inauguration Day and 201:

*Illuminati = 120 (1/20)

*Order of Illuminati = 201 (20/1)

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