Ben Simmons traded from 76ers for James Harden on February 10, 2022 in clear tribute to slavery & on the anniversary of Gerald Ford recognizing Black History Month in 1976

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This is the modern day tribute to slavery.
Slavery = 102 / 87 / 42 / 30
Simmons = 102 / 87 / 42 / 30
10/2 trade
Ben Simmons = 42

Simmons is from Australia.

Ben Simmons, an LSU Tiger, had a father that played for the Melbourne Tigers in Australia.
Australia = 102
Melbourne = 42

Ben Simmons is 25-years-old right now

This move involve a 76er.
Slave = 76
Acts 7:6
-44th book of the Bible
James Harden = 44
USA established in ’76
*Barack Obama = 76
-Obama, #44
*A Promised Land = 76
-Released Nov. 17 (leaving 44 days in year)
*Million Man March on the day leaving 76-days in year (Oct. 16, 1995)

Black History Month was recognized on this date in 1976, emphasis on ’76.

This move comes on the 41st day of the year, connecting with ‘Brooklyn.’
Brooklyn = 41
USA = 41
-United States of America = 102
-41, 13th prime (Harden, #13)
-Harden traded on 169th day of his age (Square Root is 13)
-13 Illuminati families in ’76 (76ers…)

This move out of New York comes 168-days after Harden’s 32nd birthday, or his 169th day of his age.
New York City = 168
Tiger = 32 / 76 / 201
-Ben Simmons born on 201st day of the year
-We are in the Year of the Tiger

And Simmons finishes his career with the 76ers with 275 regular season games played.

Today is the day Gerald Rudolph Ford recognized Black History Month.

And this happens while #25, Simmons, is 25-years-old, 205-days after his birthday.
Ford = 25

Simmons has 309 games played with 76er at the time of his trade (275 in reg., 34 in playoffs)
New York = 39
Empire = 39

Harden has 1,058 games logged (921 in reg., 137 in playoffs)
-He has 89 games with the Nets
-Today is King Charles 89th day of his age
–89, 11th Fibonacci #
–Black = 11
-United Kingdom = 205
-Today is 205-days after Ben Simmons’ birthday

And for one last point, Benjamin David Simmons equates to 210 (2/10 date).


  1. Lisa Carpenter on February 10, 2022 at 5:46 pm

    The Bengals went to the Super Bowl in 1989, the year ‘The Simpsons’ debuted
    Before this season, the Bengals hadn’t been to the Super Bowl since January 1989. Well, about 11 months later on Dec. 17, 1989, TV was forever changed when “The Simpsons” debuted.

    The episode was Christmas-themed and called “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.”

    Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson, went to Ohio University
    That’s right. Nancy Cartwright is from Dayton and she spent her first two years of college attending Ohio University in Athens.

    Athens, of course, is where Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is from and Ohio University is the school his father coached at as defensive coordinator for the Bobcats.

    Cartwright transferred to UCLA after her sophomore year 1970

  2. dingleberryjoe on February 10, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    Fuckin’ A! I graduated from Athens HS! Great connection from Lisa.

  3. Synchronous_Sam on February 10, 2022 at 6:44 pm

    Speaking of the Simpsons

    The 666th episode of the Simpsons aired on Kamala’s 55th birthday, 10/20/2019.

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