Bernie Sanders says he never expected to see a Nazi flag at his March 5 rally, on March 8, 2020 +Chris Matthews retirement

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This headline comes Sunday, March 8, 2020.  Let us begin with the 3/8 part.

*Germany = 38 / 83 *Today can be written 3/8 or 8/3.

And don’t forget the Bernie Baby story from the 2016 campaign cycle. He was buried on this day four years ago, March 8, 2016.

Read about the ritualistic death of Bernie Baby here:

Back on point, this March 8 headline comes exactly 26-weeks after Sanders birthday.

The incident was Thursday, March 5, 2020, 179-days after Sanders’ birthday.  179 is the 41st prime.

That date of the incident, March 5, can be written 3/5, or 5/3.

In other words, this was more staged propaganda, for more news by the numbers, so they can echo on after Chris Matthews compared a Bernie Sanders’ rally to the Nazis taking France.  If you missed Chris Matthews retirement by the numbers, largely over this comparison, read more here:

Also related, read about Bernie’s heart attack by the numbers, which was a big 26 ritual:

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And last, remember, the Nazis weren’t wrong, and the U.S. is definitely not better.  Had the Germans won the war, the world would be a better place today, no doubt about it.  If you can’t see that, it is because you’re under mind control, from the same you know whose, who brought you this story (and all the other bullshit stories we get in the media and from Hollywood).  *And yes, I know World War II was all part of a you know who plot, connected to the World War I plot, that was about bringing forth the nation for the Synagogue of Satan, Israel.  Still, I’m just making the point that needs to be made.  That is, no one is “evil” for going after a you know who, because the you know who is going after you, every single day, in every single way.

*Don’t forget Gematria is a Jewish practice, which is why it is used every single day to steer the sheep astray.  Sadly, what the Jews also prove everyday, is that their Talmud is right, and goyim are too dumb to see the obvious, which is why they’re considered animals, not worthy of the human title.  If it weren’t so, the game would actually be up as the graphic states.

*If you think I’m wrong, never forget July 4, 2016: