Biden calls the pro-Trump protest in D.C. of January 6, 2021 an ‘insurrection’

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‘Insurrection’ is the word today.

*Jesuit = 78 *Order Out of Chaos = 78 *Joe Biden is 78 years old

Of course, Donald Trump sums to 159, and his birthday is June 14th, the U.S. flag’s birthday, the 165th day of the year.


  1. ZachKCB on January 6, 2021 at 8:17 pm

    Insurrection also equals 66 in Full reduction

    Insurrection = 66
    Save America Rally = 66/165
    Iran=66 (Iran threatened to drive a plane into the capitol 1/6/2021 to avenge Soleimani)

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