Biden meets with Pope 144 days before election, June 14, 2024 (Trump’s birthday)

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Biden met with the Pope June 14, 2024, on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday, 144 days before the Noveber 5, 2024 election, a date associated with the Jesuits (look up the Jesuit Treason, Nov. 5, 1605).
President Biden=144, Jesuit Order=144

Recall when Georgetown simulated Biden would win the election, June 12, 2020, 144 days before the November 3 election (look up the Transition Integrity Project).

It goes with all the 144s connected to dead Kennedys. *Kennedy Curse=144

It goes with Trump meeting with the Pope on the 144th day of the year, May 24, 2017.

It goes with Trump losing his ex-wife 144 days after her birthday, and a lot more.

Don’t forget the Jesuits came out of suppression 144 days after James Madison’s birthday.

Donald John Trump=220 (notice her 2/20 birthday)
-She died 45 years after their 1977 marriage
-She died 60 weeks into the first Jesuit Ignatian Year
-Trump stated he was running for the 60th US Pres. Election that same day
-Donald Trump=60

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