Biden says he would make masks mandatory and Whole Foods sends home workers with Black Lives Matter face masks, June 26, 2020

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This news comes Friday, June 26, or 26/6.

As you know, 266 is a number of the Jesuits, and Joe Biden is a good Catholic boy, going up against the Jesuit educated Donald Trump.

And this other headline, about Amazon’s Whole Foods and Black Lives Matter, in recent weeks we’ve talked about the big Jesuit tribute to Jeff Bezos on June 4, 2020, and how the Society of Jesus is clearly behind Black Lives Matter, from Michael Brown to George Floyd.

Amazon = 70

Coronavirus = 70

Think about it. Coronavirus. Masks. I can’t breathe. Amazon, the biggest beneficiary of the pandemic in the business world thus far, the owner of Whole Foods. The news is being contrived by a network of parties benefiting, financially and politically.

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