Biden to travel to NATO on March 24, 2022 due to Russia-Ukraine conflict, announced on Ides of March, 30-days after Super Bowl 56

Federal Government Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War

This news comes on the Ides of March.
Ides of March = 56 / 101
Brussels = 56 / 101
Society of Jesus = 56
-Brussels, Belgium = 95
-Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses

This news comes a span 21-days before NATO’s 73rd birthday.
73, 21st prime
Jesuit = 21

Aries, related to war, runs March 21 to April 19.

The meeting will be on March 24, the 83rd day of the year.
*Aries = 83
*Murder = 83
*Football = 83
*Los Angeles Rams = 83

Recall, Aries is the Ram, and the Rams just won Super Bowl 56.
Ides of March = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Don’t forget the Rams coach’s fiancee is Ukrainian.

Keep in mind Super Bowl 56 was the first Super Bowl on the 44th day of the year.
Military = 44
God of War = 44
NATO, established 4/4

March 24 will be 39-days after Super Bowl 56 ended.
Great War = 39
-WWII began in ’39
Recall Poland and March 9

Keep in mind March 24, 2022 will be the 33-year anniversary of the Exxon Valdez spill.
Earth = 83
Enlil = 83

Of course, oil and energy is a HUGE part of this ritual (what war isn’t?).

That’s also the day in history Queen Elizabeth I died.
Pittsburgh Steelers = 243 / 243

As for the NATO leader, he was the 34th Prime Minister of Norway and this will fall on his 9th day of his age, where 34 is the 9th Fibonacci Number.
Ukraine = 34

And recall, Matt Stafford became the 34th QB to win a Super Bowl, doing it age 34, 34-days after his Georgia Bulldogs won the college football championship.

As for the Super Bowl connection, this ritual comes 30-days after Super Bowl 56 ended, and NATO has 30 member countries. *Rams = 30

And again, the Soviet Union fell 30-years ago.

*Rams = 30 / 15
*Rust = 30 / 30 / 15
-Soviet Union dissolved into 15 nations

And don’t forger that Gorbachev turned 91 on March 2, 2022.


  1. Aaravos on March 15, 2022 at 10:37 am

    March 25th is exactly 254 lunar months after 9/11. 325 is the sum of Mars Magic Square. Biden a Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto. The real Pluto Return is on 3/25. Pluto wields the Bident. 9/11 on the 254th day. Queen born with 254 remaining.

  2. Aaravos on March 15, 2022 at 10:48 am

    March 25th has the same date numerology as the Queen’s birthday but closer to the Vernal Equinox is interesting too. March 24th has her turning 51 Martian years old. Mars = 51.
    March 21st has her turning 60 Venusian years old. That’s equivalent to 12 pentagrmas and is also on her calendar month count. Just have to think with war going on being propagandized that it will pick up when we wenter Aries on the Vernal Equinox March 20th. Aries of course ruled by Mars.

    • Aaravos on March 15, 2022 at 10:56 am

      Rambo showed how Carrie Fisher died at exactly 32 Martian years old. She was a Libra ruled by Venus and the Queen is a Taurus ruled by Venus. So I would put my money on the Mars count. Again that happens closest to March 24th. The date you have picked for the Queen of May 20th is also on the Mars count. It will be exactly 11 Martian years after 9/11 and it’s also 251 days after the anniversary which fits in with the Venus stuff again. Venus = 54 and all that. On the calculator it shows one day left for Carrie Fisher and 9/11. For the Queen her Mars count with one day left would fall on March 23rd so yea a very interesting few days there.

      • Aaravos on March 15, 2022 at 10:59 am

        Remember too with the 456 stuff that 9/11 was on the 456th day of the Martian calendar and May 20th will also fall on the 456th day. Here’s the link to that calendar

        • Aaravos on March 15, 2022 at 11:07 am

          But 3/22 is juicy too. 81st day. Venus = 81. Close enough to both the Mars and Venus counts. Would be tremendous to reinforce the numerological lore created by our overlords. I mean I think 322 has surpassed 666 at this point still behind 33 though.

  3. capj420 on March 15, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    Hmm been seeing a lot of 38s and 138s lately

  4. Kent_Woods on March 15, 2022 at 2:08 pm

    Another impportant aspect too consider in this whole mess is the American counter-part to the Azov Battalion, known as the “Rise Above Movement” or RAM. (The sign of Aries)
    This is a CIA controlled entity posing as a “patriotic nationalist movement” with blatant under-pinning’s of white supremacy. These are the same idiots from the Charlottesville psy-op.

    Rise Above Movement = 203 and 77
    RAM = 32 and 22

    They will be the primary controlled opps group that manifest the “white-nationalist domestic terrorism” that the talking heads have been playing up and creating. The members of the Rise Above Movement are either CIA or useful idiots waiting to be the next group shipped out to Guantanamo.

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