Biden’s ‘sick’ joke about resigning from the presidency, December 3, 2020

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These remarks were made December 3, 2020, 44 days after Kamala Harris’ 56th birthday on October 20, 2020. We know what 44 means, a fateful number for many Presidents… including the first to die in office, William Henry Harrison, on 4/4… as well as JFK, the 44th term President, and several others. Furthermore, these remarks were made a span of 49 days before Inauguration Day, and Kamala Harris is the 49th VP, for now.


  1. David G. Olsen on December 7, 2020 at 12:52 pm

    On a day with 55 numerology it might sync up with the upcoming Super Bowl 55. From 12-3-20 to 2-7-21 is 66/67 days. Number of the Beast=66
    Blood sacrifice=67. From Kamala Harris’s b-day to SB 55 is 110/111. President=110. 111 has number of the beast associations, of course. From Biden’s b-day to SB 55 is 79 days. Murder =79. Consider that Super Bowl 55 (on 38th day of year) promises to be extra Jesuity as it takes place in ’21 (Jesuit=21) and 1540 (the year the Jesuit Order was recognized by Rome) is the 55th triangular number . Also puppet Tom Brady, now sporting Skull and Bones logo could get to 7-3 in his tenth appearance. 73= sacrifice. Tom Brady=46. Sacrifice=46. Whither #46?

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