Bill Gates ‘pie in the face’ ritual, when he was 42, February 5, 1998

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Of course, the ‘pie in the face’ ritual came on Bill Gates 101st day of his age.

It took place in Brussels.

Keep in mind the computer guru was 42-years-old at the time.

It was the work of “pranksters” as the article states?

Or the work of the “network”.

Read about Bill Gates 42 ritual in New Mexico, December 13, 1977:

Read about Elvis’s “42” vaccine ritual on Bill Gates first birthday:

Keep in mind Bill Gates would step down from Microsoft CEO after 33-years.

For one last thought on the date February 5, or 5/2, all of these words have 52 connections:  Technology, Government, Authority, Kabbalah, Gematria, The Cabal.