Bitcoin sees largest daily loss since March of 2020, January 21, 2021 | Is it time to rename it Jesuitcoin?

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Get that, Bitcoin sees its single biggest day drop since March of 2020, on the 21st day, of ’21, in the 21st Century, after beginning the year by hitting a record high on 2/1, January 2nd, and of course, being based in 21-million Bitcoins.

And let us not forget its high to date is 42,000.

13%. How many layers of bricks on the pyramid on the dollar bill?


  1. k1 on January 27, 2021 at 7:10 pm

    Satoshi N. = 33 / 666
    Pseudonym = 42 / 666

    Pseudonymous = 187 / 56

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