Black leaders say reopening Georgia too soon is an attack on people of color, April 24, 2020 news

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This news comes April 24, 2020, a date with 68 numerology.

4/24/2020 = 4+24+20+20 = 68

Notice the gematria of the shop name, Distinctive Kutz, summing to 68, like the year coronavirus was discovered.  Read more about that here:

Keep in mind, 1968 was the year of the MLK assassination and riots.

The name of the shop also sums to 94, like ‘coronavirus pandemic’.

Today’s date has 48 numerology as well, and the man speaking is Mitch Magee, in Atlanta.

4/24/20 = 4+24+20 = 48

This story about Van Jones Covid-19 / coronavirus concerns relates as well. Keep in mind he is a CNN anchor, and they broadcast out of Atlanta, Georgia.