Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun appears before Congress by the numbers, June 18, 2024

Corporate Federal Government Military News Secret Societies

I know it happens=72 & 72 *Jesuit Order=72

Notice the hearing for the Boeing CEO was on 68 date numerology, and Boeing is from Seattle, the 68 city, going with Boeing debuting their jumbo jetliners in ‘68.
Seattle, Washington=68

Keep in mind Dave Calhoun is 67 right now, thus in his 68th year of life.

This ritual came 61 days after his birthday. *Washington DC=61


  1. Truther on June 19, 2024 at 1:29 am

    You don’t stand for truth, absolutely not.

    You have absolutely no idea what the coming ritual is about but you keep deleting and censoring.
    10 + times deleted from f2ft, what a clown !!!!

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