Bohemian Grove’s establishment, June 29, 1878

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Bohemia was once part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Bohemian Grove was established in 1878, emphasis on ’78.

It was established June 29, 1878.

6/29 = 6+29 = 35 *Catholic = 35

Notice how the values of 35, 46 and 71 are connected.

*Bohemia = 35

June 29 leaves 185 days in the year.

The June 29 meeting was 119 days after the pope’s birthday.

The Vatican wasn’t established yet. *Vatican = 119 *All Seeing Eye = 119

The first Bohemian Grove meeting was 20 weeks and 1 day after the Superior General of the Jesuits birthday, Peter Jan Beckx. Read about 201 and the Jesuits:

The Jesuits were banned July 21, or 21/7.


  1. Craig Combes on August 28, 2020 at 11:16 am

    I’ve been to the entrance twice, but I don’t live around there any more.
    That area was evacuated during the recent fires, but I don’t see anything online about it having burned.

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