Braves fall to 13-8 vs. Astros in Playoffs on day Donald Trump announces he is going to attend Game 4 of the World Series (2019 deja vu)

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On the day that Trump announced he would be attending Game 4, which will be 138 days after his 75th birthday, the Atlanta Braves fell to 13-8 against the Houston Astros in the postseason all-time by losing Game 2 of the World Series.
Donald Trump = 138
Nationals = 138
Dave Martinez = 138

Dave Martinez and the Washington Nationals won the World Series on October 30, 2019, 139 days after Donald Trump’s birthday.

He will be attending in ‘Atlanta’.

Recall this ritual with Jimmy Cater and the Braves.

Keep in mind the Astros won 7-2 on the day of this announcement.
President Trump = 72
President Biden = 72
Jesuit Order = 72 / 54
Jimmy Carter = 54 (From Georgia)
-Dusty Baker is 72-years-old (Astros Manager)

Recall, Atlanta lost the All-Star Game that was to be played on July 13, or 13/7. It was over political reasons, and new laws relating to voting and elections…

Keep in mind, in Game 1 of the World Series, Atlanta won, improving their record to 13-7 vs. the Astros in the postseason.
Washington D.C. = 137
Government = 137
Authority = 137
White House = 137

Brian Kemp is very much connected to this ritual as well, the Governor of Georgia, and he will turn 58-years-old the day of Game 6, November 2, 2021. Notice he is 57 to begin the series. *World Series = 57

Notice the mention of 22 years, and remember, Hank Aaron died on January 22, the longtime Brave.
Braves = 22
Aaron = 22
-World Series = 147
-Master Builder = 147
-Houston Astros = 147
-U.S. President = 147
-President of the United States = 147
-147 windows on the White House
–22 is the “Master Builder” Number in Numerology

Keep in mind this 117th World Series is coming in the time of the 117th Congress.

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