Brazilian gospel singer, 30-year-old Pedro Henrique, drops dead at concert, December 14, 2023 news

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This death came on the three year anniversary of the Covid-19 vaccine going live in America.
Vaccine=30, *Bible=30

Read about the Sandra Lindsay vaccination of December 14, 2020

As we know, the rituals have been biblical since Covid was first simulated. So think about that in light of a 30-year-old gospel singer dropping dead. Of course, Jesus’ ministry began at age 30.

This news broke on December 14, 2023.
December Fourteenth=187
Twelve Fourteen=187
Society of Jesus=187
Brotherhood of Death=187
Holy Roman Empire=187
*George Washington=187
187 and homicide…

Other things that stand out include the followig:
Pedro Henrique=196 (Square Root of 14), Dead=14 (news on the 14th)
Pedro Henrique=83 (Murder=83) (83, 23rd prime)
Pedro Henrique=155, Coronavirus=155, Christianity=155

There is also a 33 year old Brazilian football player with the same name.

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