Browns win NFL’s 2023 Hall of Fame Game, Thursday, August 3, 2023

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The Browns win the Hall of Fame Game on Thursday, August 3, 2023.
Cleveland Browns = 83
Football = 83
Murder = 83

Jim Brown died a span of 78 days earlier, May 18.
Cleveland = 78
*New York = 78

The Browns beat the New York Jets.


  1. GregRamsey74 on August 5, 2023 at 5:55 pm

    This was also Tom Brady’s 46th birthday, which came 199-days after his final NFL game(199, the 46th prime).
    “Tom Brady” = 46(Browns’ first game ever was played in ’46. It came on 9/6/1946. 9+6+1+9+4+6 = 35. 8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35. “Tom Brady” = 35. This game, and Brady’s birthday came a span of 35-days from the anniversary of the Brown’s first ever game)
    *August 3, 2023 was also a span of 199-days from what would’ve been Jim Brown’s 88th birthday.
    “Trump” = 88(Trump’s day in court as well)

    Tom Brady and the Bucs beat Seattle by the same exact score of 21-16, 263-days before this HOF game.
    263, the 56th prime
    “Society of Jesus” = 56
    *The Browns’ first ever game came against the Miami Seahawks.

    Interesting that the Jets played on Brady’s birthday considering he got his start against them after a Jet knocked down #11, after two Jets supposedly knocked down the giant 11 in the New York skyline on the 11th of September.

    “Tom Brady’s Birthday” = 78

    This meeting came 319-days after the last meeting between the Browns and Jets, a game that ended in 61-total points.
    “Masonic” = 319(Satanic)
    “Jesus” = 61

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