Buffalo Bill and the 27 year pattern of the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills meeting in the AFC Championship Game

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Did you know that Buffalo Bill once rode his horse 322 miles? An interesting stat, wouldn’t you say?

Also noteworthy is that he died on January 10, or 10/1 , like 101, and the AFC Championship Game is the Buffalo Bills vs. the Kansas City Chiefs for the 101st NFL season. That matters because the Bills are named after Buffalo Bill, and he settled down in Kansas territory…


And for another fun fact, did you know that every 27 seasons the Bills have and Chiefs have met in the AFC Championship Game?

1966-67 Season

1993-94 Season

2020-21 Season

This game is January 24, 2021

For another fun fact, notice how William Cody overlaps with Buffalo and Bills…

*171, 18th triangular number *Bills = 18

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  1. pedski1963 on January 24, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    hope thats bad news for the bills lol.

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