Buffalo Tops to open a span of 63-days from the shooting in the major 63 ritual, July 15, 2022

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May 14, 134th day of the year (1:34 post time)

The stores reopening on Friday, July 15, 2022 is a span of 63-days from the May 14 shooting.
Buffalo = 63, Racism = 63
Kathy Hochul was 63 at the time
Byron Brown the mayor was 63 at the time
The shooting came two days after Buffalo found out it was opening the NFL season for the team’s 63rd year in the league

They’re having the ceremony and moment of silence the day prior, July 14, 2022.
7/14/2022 = 7+14+20+22 = 63

Recall, the shooting was 117-days before the season opener.
Buffalo Bills = 117
Josh Allen’s grandma dead on 11/7
NYC nuke warning on 11/7 (Day of 7-Eleven shootings in LA)
Trump confused 9/11 and 7-Eleven in Buffalo…
Timothy McVeigh was from Buffalo area…
OKC blew up 117-weeks after Clinton became President
Central Intelligence Agency = 117
Tops shootings synced with Hillary Clinton…

The reopening will be 322-days after Kathy Hochul’s 63rd birthday.

And don’t forget, in Pony Express history, Buffalo Bill supposedly traveled a record 322 mile trip.

July 15 is the 196th day of the year.
196, Square Root of 14
Shooting on 14th
This memorial and moment of silence today, July 14
The 14-words relate to White Supremacy

July 15 can be written 15/7 (157, 37th prime)


Richie Rich also caught the meaning of the store reopening 62-days after the shooting, as opposed to the total 63-days of the ritual.
62nd Mayor of Buffalo
Kathleen Hochul = 62
Shooter born on June 20 (6/20)
He drove a Taurus *Taurus = 62
Shooting happened during Taurus (Astrology) (Green Zodiac association)
Mason = 62
Sacrifice = 62
*Buccaneers = 62
*Tampa Bay Buccaneer = 62

Watch the video of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tribute at the Buffalo Tops.

Also recall, Hochul is the 57th Governor of New York and Super Bowl 57 is upcoming. That Super Bowl will be 212-days after the store re-opening, on February 12, or 2/12, like the Manhattan area code.

And here’s Marks thoughts.

The Bills are 0-4 in Super Bowls. If they won, they would be 1-4, going with the 14 theme.
196th day of the year reopening
196, Square Root of 14

ALSO, from the season opener, September 8, to the Super Bowl February 12, is 157-days later.
157, 37th prime
Los Angeles = 37 (Who they open season against)
Shooting = 37
*Tampa Bay = 37


  1. mjhound on July 17, 2022 at 8:39 am

    Looks like a great riddle to me

  2. Kmcnally on July 17, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    of Course I know it’s a set up but it’s still hard for me not to look into the Raiders. While you were in Buffalo Uvalde happened! They have been talking about that a lot more in the news. Uvalde off Highway 83. I was remembering some things when I became a raider fan was the season of 1983. I was seven years old when they won a Super Bowl in 84. Marcus Allen had that famous run. I looked up Derek Carr has 83 in one of the ciphers Raiders has that mirror match 38. Also snow game has the mirror match of 38! Florida has 38! And of course Brady is born August 3, 8/3 and if he wins he will be 8-3 In the Super Bowl!! Lombardi trophy has that 202 and 76 like Skull and Bones. Skull and bones just blew up The Georgia Guidestones which they most likely put up? Tampa Bay for sure. Raiders have some riddle and the last time the Raiders won was season of 83 season in 1984. 20 years ago Tampa Bay and Raiders Played 2002 season in 2003 was the Super Bowl. With all the 83’s and Skull and Bones I am seeing a Raiders Tampa Bay Rematch With Brady spoiling the Raiders Season in his last Super Bowl to go 8-3 just like he spoiled their season in the snow game! I wouldn’t be surprised if Buffalo and Las Vegas are in the AFC championship?


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