Cam Newton returns to Carolina Panthers November 11, 2021, in very ‘black’ ritual

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On November 11, 11/11, Cam Newton, #1, has returned to the Carolina Black Panthers.
Black = 11

Remember, Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party, died in ’89, the year Cam Newton was born
-Huey P. Newton = 131
-Cam Newton born on 131st day of ’89 (May 11)
-Huey P. Newton dead on day leaving 131 days in year (August 22)

Today is Cam’s 185th day of his age.
Catholicism = 185
Mathematics = 185
November Eleventh = 185

The first BPP meetings were in Catholic Churches in the Bay Area
-Where Cam Newton lost Super Bowl 50

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