Canada’s government moves to make selling or importing handguns illegal, Monday, May 30, 2022, on Justin Trudeau’s 157th day of his age

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The number 1,500 is curious, because this legislation was introduced on the 150th day of the year.
Illuminati = 150
Canada = 15
AR-15 the focus…

Trudeau did this on the 157th day of his age, after shootings in the ‘United States’. Notice where his name connects with the ritual, and how it also ties in with the shootings.

157, 37th prime

And keep in mind Buffalo is practically an extension of Canada. It has more Tim Horton’s than McDonald’s.

Also, on the same day, Biden proposed banning 9mm handguns in the U.S., along with reintroducing the assault weapons ban of ’94.

Blows the lung out of the body = 107 / 109
Shooting = 107 / 109

Keep in mind Monday, May 30, 2022, was 191-days after Joe Biden’s birthday, or his 192nd day of his age. As we know, 192 is coded all over the Uvalde shooting.
Society of Jesus = 191
Active Shooter = 191
Assault Weapons = 192
-19 children, 2 adults
-Shooting 192-days after Abbott’s birthday

Society of Jesus = 79 (Biden, age 79)

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