Carol Anderson, black author, argues that the Second Amendment is about “anti-blackness”, May 30, 2021 news

History News Psychological Operation Racism

Making the Second Amendment about race? Of course, CNN has published this story 18 days before the author’s birthday, Carol Anderson, and in my two books to date, I purposefully made Chapter 18 in both books about how the media contrives the ‘race’ war. *Race = 18

And notice she is 61, the 18th prime.

Notice she was born in ’59. And that this news comes on a date with 76 numerology.
-5/30/2021 = 5+30+20+21 = 76
-Slave = 59 / 76
-Negro = 59 / 76
-Blues = 59 / 76

Also, don’t forget that if the mainstream media recommends a book, that is definitely one to NOT READ.

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