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John ‘Chaney’ has died on the 29th.

He coached ‘Temple’ and is dead on a 71 date numerology.

1/29/2021 = 1+29+20+21 = 71

Keep in mind 73 is the 21st prime, because Temple is in Philadelphia, PA, equating to 73 as well as 71.

And notice he began with the Temple ‘Owls’ in 1982, and is dead to start 2021, 39 years later.

*Today is the 201st anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s birthday.


Notice how the name John Chaney overlaps with Temple Owls.

*Religion = 89 *King James = 89 *Dead at 89

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She received an Oscar nomination 47 years ago for the film Sounder, and now she is dead at 96.

Freemason = 42 *Tyson = 42 *Divisors of 42 equate to 96

Regarding the 47 years and months since the nomination, the Masonic Compass of the Scottish Rite is set at 47 degrees.

March 27, 2021 will be the 48th anniversary of the Oscars she was nominated for and ‘Freemason’ equates to 48 as well.

She died two days after her memoir was published. It is a reminder that death sells. And notice how the title ‘Just As I Am’ equates to 67.

Keep in mind her Oscar nomination was in ’73, and now she is dead in ’21, the pattern we said to lookout for. Again, 73 is the 21st prime.

Sacrifice = 73 *Ritual Sacrifice = 73

Furthermore, notice she broke onto the scene in ’59. That was the year Motown Records came out, and of course, Black History Month ends on the 59th day of the year, the 28 day month, like how she is dead on the 28th day of the year, just before its start.


Keep in mind Tyson also played Harriet Tubman in December of 1978, a little more than 42 years ago.


In light of her death on January 28, 2021, that is one day before the believed birthday of Harriet Tubman. She would have been 201.

Keep in mind the film came out in ’78.

*Film released in ’78…

Keep in mind January 28 can be written 28/1, like 281, the 60th prime.

The film about her released November 1, 2019, the day leaving 60 days in the year.

Notice from her birthday to Tubman’s is a span of 42 days.

Which means she died on her 41st day of her age, and she was once married to Miles Davis.


Scott Miller, #10, caught the big TD to put the Bucs up 21-10 over the Packers to conclude the first half of the NFC Conference Championship, helping Brady come closer to his 10th Super Bowl birth, which would be Super Bowl 55. Of course, 55 is the 10th triangular number and 10th fibonacci number. Also, as you know, it is the Jesuits behind the scripting of these games and the rituals, and notice the NFC Championship and Super Bowl 55 line up with nicely with #10.

The NFC Championship comes 177 days after #10’s birthday.
*The Jesuit Order = 177

The Super Bowl comes 191 days after his birthday.
*Society of Jesus = 191 (43rd prime) *Football = 43 *Brady is 43

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Notice, Ronald Reagan died June 5th, or 5/6, like 56, in 2004. Of course, that was the same day RFK was shot in 1968, 36 years earlier, and 666 is the 36th triangular number, and ‘Kennedy’ equates to 666. Furthermore, Reagan was the Governor of California when RFK was assassinated, in California, and he took that position in ’67. *Satanic = 67

*President = 47 / 56

He died on his 121st day of his age. *Blood Sacrifice = 121

And think about the parallels between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. Of course, Trump’s presidency ended 56 years after his Jesuit education began at Fordham.

For one last point, Reagan died on a date with 35 numerology, connecting to ‘Catholic’ and ‘Satan’.

6/5/2004 = 6+5+20+04 = 35 *Catholic = 35 *Satan = 35 *Baphomet = 35

Of course, Reagan’s family is of Catholic ancestry.


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John Archer Lejeune’s father was educated at Jesuit school, Cape Girardeau of Missouri, thus he was part of the Jesuit network, a network that considers themselves a military order. Notice he died in ’42 and is remembered as the marine standard.

Jesuit = 42 *War = 42 *World War = 42 *Missouri = 42
John Archer Lejeune = 82 *Soldier = 82
John Archer Lejeune = 172 *Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172
*Marines = 79 *Society of Jesus = 79 *Marines = 110 (1/10 birthday)

For the record, his date of death is the birthday of RFK and Joe Biden, November 20. And his death came 314 days after his 75th birthday. Of course, 314 is associated with Pi (3.14), relating to cycles, like life and death. As for dying at 75, ‘Catholic Church’ equates to 75.

And for one last pointed, he died on a date with 47 numerology, November 20, 1942.

*11/20/1942 = 11+20+(1+9+4+2) = 47 *Marines = 47

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Notice this Jesuit educated man of medicine who oversaw the Tuskegee experiments died in 1968, on the 47th day of the year.

Catholicism = 68
Vatican = 47


And again, notice how 42 brings ‘Georgetown’, ‘Jesuit’, ‘vaccine’ and ‘Tuskegee’ together.

Also, don’t overlook how Thomas Parran sums to 54 / 72 / 144, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

He died at age 75. *Catholic Church = 75

He died on his 142nd day of his age, on the 47th day of the year.
*Christian = 142 / 47

And for one last point, he was the 6th Surgeon General, from April 6th to April 6. *Don’t overlook the 6, 6, 6 tribute. *Catholic = 46

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This Memphis related death is being reported two days after MLK Jr. Day, the holiday to remember the man reportedly killed in Memphis, Tennessee.

*1/20/21 = 1+20+21 = 42 *Martin = 42
*1/20/2021 = 1+20+20+21 = 62 *Sacrifice = 62

And notice, the death of the 20 year old, in ‘Memphis’, is being reported on the 20th day of the year. Keep in mind he was mentored by Fredo Santana, who died three years to the day. *Fredo Santana = 71 (20th prime)

Read more about murder and 38 here.


Fredo Santana reportedly died January 19, 2018, a date with 38 numerology.

1/19/18 = 1+19+18 = 38 *Memphis = 38 *Rapper = 38 *Death = 38

As for his birth name, Jonathan Brown, it equates to 56, the number of the times.

Read about the recent death of John Fletcher from Whodini at 56.


The name of his record label, ‘Savage Squad Records’ has fateful gematria.

*73, 21st prime (This death begins 2021)

And there’s more…

199, 46th prime *Rap = 46 *Sacrifice = 46 *Svengali = 46

*Khabib’s dad died 287 days after his birthday, and LeBron won the NBA Finals on Father Daughter Day, 287 days after his birthday

And notice how Fredo Santana factors in.

*Fredo Santana = 46 / 206 *Sacrifice = 46 / 206

For one last point, they’re saying he died from an ‘overdose’ on the anniversary of Fredo Santana, January 19, 2021.

1/19/21 = 1+19+21 = 41

Keep in mind, he just changed his name to BIG CEO, equating to 41.

*Can’t Wait = 53 *Baby CEO = 53

Read about the 41 ritual in Harry Brant’s overdose from January 17, 2021.

At the time of his death, his YouTube channel is at 74.7k subs.


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Dead from Covid-19, on a 38 date?

1/16/21 = 1+16+21 = 38

In light of this man serving 19-to-life for ‘murder’, and dying of Covid-19, read more about murder / death and 38 here.


He died 21 days after his 81st birthday, to start ’21.

Ritual = 81 / 81

Jesuit = 21

Harvey Phillip Spector = 257 *Blood Sacrifice = 257

*Lana Clarkson was murdered on the 34th day of 2003. Murder = 34