Boeing Docks with ISS & 102-year-old vet dies on way to D-Day anniversary, June 6, 2024 (Art of War)

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Notice, the Boeing Starliner has reportedly docked with the International Space Station.
Boeing, on 47th Parallel North

This ritual with Boeing comes 153 days after the January 5 plane failure incident (big news story then).
Jesuit Oder=153


A World War veteran dies traveling to the D-Day, World War II remembrance, June 6, 2024.

It matters that he was 102. *World War=102 *Art of War=102

Today is 207 days after Arturo Sosa’s birthday. *The start of the Israel war began in a big 207 ritual.

Jean Joseph Marie Amiot=207

In March a Pearl Harbor survived died at 102, Richard Higgins.

Read this related story about a 102-year-old World War II Veteran from April 26, 2022

Recall the Quran’s Surah Baqarah 102, pertaining to Babylon and Magic. *Magic=102
-This post also relates to the 9/11 simulation 102 days before 9/11 (June 1, 2001)
-Look it up, an attack blamed on al-Qaeda, simulated by the Feds
-The name is ‘Operation Amalgam Virgo’

In this case, Babylon fits in.
Whore of Babylon=71
*The Society of Jesus=71
*Persichitti=71 (Today Robert Persichitti is dead)

The war in Israel began on Putin’s 71st birthday, 71 days before the Pope’s birthday.

It began on the anniversary of the US invading the Middle East after 9/11.

And recall 9/11 happened on 41 date numerology, and the Jesuit suppression lasted 41 years. In the time of their suppression, the United States of America was formed. *USA=41

The author of Art of War is “Sun Tzu,” who likely never existed. *Art of War=41

Art of War is known about because of the Jesuit Priest, Father Amiot.

The US founders, many of them spent a lot of time in France, the home of the Jesuits.

*Read about Art of War and 68 here.
*Richard Stewart=68 & 94

*Seattle, Washington=68 & 94 (Where Boeing is)

Today is 172 days after the Pope’s birthday. *Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

Keep in mind the Illuminati turned 248 years old on May 1, 2024, and the United States, arguably the biggest beneficiary of World War II, will turn 248 on July 4, 2024.
*President Donald Trump=248
*Manhattan Criminal Court=248

Read about the ritual with New York vs. Trump on the Illuminati’s 248th birthday, May 1, 2024.

And don’t forget the election was called for him when he was at 248 electoral votes.

I bring up the 248 and Illuminati connection because they’re making a big deal about 80th anniversary of D-Day, today, June 6, 2024.

-The money system that benefits the US came out of World War II
Satan=80 *Baphomet=80
-“Money is the root of all evil.”
-Pearl Harbor, December 7, or 12/7, like 127
-On 9/11 buildings 1, 2 & 7 fell in New York City
-It was called the New Pearl Harbor
Ground Zero=127

Keep in mind Normandy was known as ‘Operation Neptune,’

Neptune=95 (The Vatican is 95)
Neptune=94 *Roman Catholic Church=94
*World Trade Center=94

Neptune’s Trident was part of the World Trade Center architecture.

The WTCs opened in New York on April 4, 1973, the 94th day of the year.

Pisces, February 19-March 20 is associated with Neptune.

More Gematria:

That’s a lot of 42, and D.C. is the Jesuit city historical, but known as the Masonic City.
DC=42 (Sumerian Gematria, aka Alphabetic Order x 6)

Read more here:

Last, Normandy is on the 48th Parallel North.

The outcome of that day lead to the establishment of Israel in ’48.
World War=48 *Freemason=48 *Illuminati=48

Don’t forget, the founder of the Illuminati, was a Jesuit, with plans to infiltrate Freemasonry. George Washington even penned a letter about it. Look up Adam Weishaupt.