CDC advisers vote to recommend Pfizer vaccine for those who are 16 and older | Is fertility the target?

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On the day leaving 19 days in the year, we get this update about the COVID-19 vaccine, in regards to teens, or teenagers…

Today is December 12, 2020, a date with 44 and 64 numerology as well.

12/12/2020 = 12+12+20+20 = 64

12/12/20 = 12+12+20 = 44

This is for the Pfizer vaccine, a company known for wrongful death.

*Genocide = 44 *Execution = 44 *Military = 44

The fact that they’re recommending the vaccine for those who are 16 and older does make me think they are targeting fertility. That’s the age where many pregnancies do start to happen.

Fertility=56 *Coronavirus=56 *Washington DC=56 *Society of Jesus=56


  1. Phillipians 2 8thru11 on December 12, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    Tomorrow, Dec. 13th, the first day of the vaccine distribution is EXACTLY nine months since Trump declared a national state of emergency for covid19. Same as the human gestation period. That’s also the same day that Bill Gates resigned from the board of directors of Microsoft to “pursue philanthropic activities.” Tomorrow is also twelve days before the celebration of Christ’s birth. Coincidence? How about this: March 13th was also the day Breonna Taylor was sacrificed at the age of 26. “God” = 26 in English Ordinal Gematria. “Breonna” means “high; noble; exalted.” “Taylor” means “to cut.”
    “Breonna Taylor” = 74 in Reverse Full Reduction Gematria, same as “Jesus Christ.” “Breonna” = 33 in English Ordinal Gematria, the age of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. This is more than about a virus with the word “crown” in it and it’s vaccine. This is a spiritual war for who will rule God’s creation, and specifically your mind. This is what they mean when they say, “It’s going to be Biblical.”

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