CDC says Wisconsin has greatest seroprevalence to coronavirus, with 56.1% of population having antibodies in time of pandemic, March 2022 news

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Per the CDC, as of March 2022, the most impacted state by coronavirus in the time of the pandemic is Wisconsin. Per the CDC, 56.1% of the state has seroprevalence.
Coronavirus = 56 / 70
Covid Vaccine = 56 / 70
-56 is 70 in base 8 counting
–Seroprevalence = 68
–Coronavirus coined in ’68
—Seroprevalence = 220
—Coronavirus Pandemic = 220

And in light of their 140-million number, one wonders if it is in tribute to Marquette, the Jesuit university in Wisconsin that is 140-years-old at the time of this report.

And notice the detail of about 43% of the country having been impacted.
Pandemic = 43

74.3 million documented cases? Think of Event 201 on the day leaving 74-days in the year. We know what these numbers mean… “Society of Jesus.”
-74 is 112 in base 8 counting
-Catholicism = 112
-Mathematics = 112

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