Celine Dion cancels Courage World Tour, Friday, May 26, 2023, and will likely never tour again

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This news comes on 54 date numerology, and a Friday, named after Venus.
5/26/23 = 5+26+23 = 54
Celine Dion = 54 & 54
Venus = 56

Today also has 74 date numerology, reminding us that her husband died in his 74th year of life.
5/26/2023 = 5+26+20+23 = 74

This news comes 57 days after her birthday, reminding us of her husband’s name.
Rene Angelil = 57
Entertainer = 57

And recall, Celine Dion’s brother died the day after her husband in 2016.

This year will also mark the 42nd anniversary of her first album, released November 6, 1981. That’s the day leaving 55 days in the year, and she is likely retiring at age 55, meaning in her 56th year of life.


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