Chadwick Boseman dies on Jack Kirby’s birthday, the author of Black Panther | And how Jackie Robinson Day & Kobe Bryant fit in

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The author of Black Panther was born on August 28, and now the star of the film has died on it. He also starred in 42, the movie about Jackie Robinson, and Chadwick has died on Jackie Robinson Day for the 2020 coronavirus MLB season, August 28, 2020.

As we know, 42 is the number of the Jesuits, and ‘Jesuit Order’ equates with Jack Kirby, the author’s alias, born Jacob Kurtzberg.


Tying in with the baseball ritual, Jack Kirby died 162 days after his birthday.

The Black Panther movie released February 16, or 16/2, like 162.

He died at age 76.

Again, Chadwick Boseman has died on Jackie Robinson Day, a man whose story began July 6, 1944, emphasis on 7/6, a date with 76 numerology, like August 28, 2020.

7/6/1944 = 7+6+19+44 = 76

8/28/2020 = 8+28+20+20 = 76

Chadwick has died of ‘colon’ cancer reportedly…

He died February 6, or 2/6, or 6/2, and the Dodgers lost 2-6, or 6-2 on the Jackie Robinson Day and the date of Boseman’s death.

Jacob Kurtzberg? That’s not far off from the Jacob Blake, the man referred to as the ‘black man’ more often than not, and whose name is being used in protests across the nation at the same time, alongside George Floyd.

The LA Lakers are originally from Minneapolis, where the Floyd incident happened.

George Floyd died on Memorial Day.

*Memorial Day = 181 (42nd prime)

*Black History = 181 (42nd prime)

The 42 Laws of Ma’at.

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