Charlie Hebdo cover depicts Queen Elizabeth on Meghan Markle’s neck, March 9, 2021, day of Derek Chauvin-George Floyd murder trial beginning

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‘Charlie Hebdo’ has the 63 connection, like ‘Meghan Markle’, ‘Prince Harry’ and ‘racism’.

Paris = 63 (Where the magazine is published from)
Charlie = 56 *Royal Family = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56 (Established in Paris, France)

Per CNN, the translation of the speech bubble is, “Because I couldn’t breath anymore.” Notice that phrase equates to 119, like ‘George Floyd’, who had his murder trial begin on this same date, March 9, 2021. Read more about that here.

Notice, this cover debuted March 9, 2021, 322 days after Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday.

*Think of George W. Bush, the Skull and Bones member, dying at age 94.

Also, notice that it was 46 weeks after her birthday, reminding us that George Floyd was 46 years old at his time of death.

Furthermore, the story came 31 weeks after Meghan Markle’s 39th birthday, August 4, 2020.

31, 11th prime *Black = 11

She’s 39 and the story released on March 9, a date that can be written 3/9.


  1. CJ Cheifer on March 15, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    This is all a big act to throw the public off of “The Crown’s” re-takeover of America. Of course Jesuit Central, France, and “Je Suis Charlie” is in the propaganda mix. Oprah, Meghan, Harry, The Queen, Tyler Perry, Barack Obama, are all in on it. Harry and Meghan haven’t given up their royalty any more than Hostess gave up Twinkies a few years back (“discontinued” so people would hoard them). Harry probably threw a tantrum when he was 8-years old, “Just because I was born second, I don’t get to be king some day???! Waaaa!” The Queen, “Don’t worry, Harry, all you have to do is marry an American, and sometime after 2020, you can have your own country. You see, we took back a country over a century ago, because it’s idiot president, Ulysses S. Grant, sold it to us for pennies on the pound. The slaves there don’t realize they’re slaves, so when you go to claim your thrown as king there, you’ll already have servants! Best thing about it, Inn-N-Out burger, if you choose California for your palace residence.” The Queen is getting really old, so is Prince Phillip, the Pope, Joe Biden… everything is going to come crashing down suddenly, otherwise the global public will gather, fight, and riot. They’re going to sucker punch us, but we’ll just drone on because of Oprah’s conditioning us with interviewing them. BTW, Trump is in on it too. Bad publicity is better than no publicity to the slave drivers.

    • redsam96 on March 16, 2021 at 4:10 am

      You’ve got plenty of good points there. I am wondering what your sources are for Grant selling the US though if you don’t mind sharing? I’ve seen that discussion come up a couple times (and I know on the government’s website it literally says “a federal corporation” lol) but this story of Grant selling the country is kinda hard for me to find

  2. redsam96 on March 16, 2021 at 4:10 am

    Also it’s interesting to me that Newsweek uses the phrase “evoking George Floyd”. Straight up ritual

  3. ceepup on March 17, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    Nothing But propaganda, narrative of the ongoing racial division, racism in the Royal if they still are, way! Display of a cartoon is such ignorantly as bliss to get people up set in levels of emotion if they allow it to get to them that way! Such trash!!! That cartoonist has nothing better to do but draw propaganda trash! He surely was paid to do so!

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